2828 Wiregrass Rd. Lakeland, Fl. 33810

Tampa Bay 

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You should have seen what this basket case looked like in 1981 when we first purchased it!  We paid $1,800 for it and had to borrow some of the money from my mother!  The car had been drag raced and most of its original drive train and interior had been removed.  The original 283 and powerglide had been replaced with a 350 and 4 speed tranny.  The factory original black and silver interior was long gone and had been replaced with bucket seats in the front and a poorly fitting rear seat from some unknown car.  It still had the original push button radio and clock, but neither worked.  Beneath the white paint job that looked like it had been applied with a paint brush, we found red, purple, blue and a couple other colors I can’t remember.  Beneath it all, we found evidence of its factory original color, Dusk Pearl.  The 822 paint code on the cowl tag provided the evidence.  

The car underwent minor restorations in 1981 and 1988 and was painted black both times, but has been garaged throughout our entire ownership.  We were never satisfied with the cars appearance and mechanical condition.  The last time it was driven was 1991 and it drove very poorly.  It wouldn’t stay in park and it bounced as we drove it in heavy traffic on busy South Memorial Drive in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  That was one scary ride!



We started this final restoration in May, 2007.  The car spent a year at a shop in Lakeland, Florida, where it got less than a show quality restoration.  After determining that the shop would never finish the project to our expectations, we took it to Tom Dufour of Classic Auto Restore in Port Richey, Florida.  After 8 months of long days and lots of overtime, the car made it to the Strawberry Classic Car Show in Plant City, but not under its own power, it had to be trailered.  Now, this car will finally be getting out of the garage and off the trailer!

We still have to install the spinner hubcaps.  We plan to drive the car to Tampa Bay Classic Chevy Club car shows and events and to show it at the Classic Chevy Winter National in February, 2010.

We are beginning work on a 57 Nomad that will be our driver.

Bob Hendryx​

Under the hood is a factory dual quad set up and factory air conditioning.  The car also has original power steering, power brakes, autronic eye, vacuum ashtray, fender skirts, dual rear mount antennas and a continental kit.  My dad bought a used Inca Silver 57 2 door hardtop in 1961 and had dual quads installed with Corvette air cleaners, a vacuum ashtray and tissue dispenser.  His car influenced the way we built mine.  I briefly considered painting my car Inca Silver, but seeing the picture below, I’m glad I stuck with its factory original color.